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Joe Staley: 49ers are in good hands with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm

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The 49ers believe they have their franchise quarterback, and they now have Jimmy Garoppolo signed for five years.

“The way he came into the huddle and practice when he was there for two days and really just kind of took over,” 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley said on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday. “He was kind of snapping at guys, ‘Hey, pay attention. This is what we’re doing right here.’ There was no kind of feeling-out period with him. He did it in a way too where it didn’t come off as arrogant or anything like that. It was just like I’m asserting myself. This is what we need to do. I think a lot of that comes from who he was job shadowing for the first three or four years of his career over there in New England.

“He’s a great guy. I can’t say enough positive things about him. I think the franchise is in good hands with him at the helm.”

Garoppolo won all five games he started for the 49ers after arriving in a trade with the Patriots at the trade deadline October 31. It sold the team and the players on him as their long-term answer at the position.

“I think once you have a lot of confidence in what the quarterback is doing, it kind of raises everybody’s level around him,” Staley said. “I think you just kind of saw that at the end of the year. He was raising everybody’s level of play throughout the season as he went. We’re excited to have him for the entire offseason and training camp and then the full season.”

Source : Pro Football Talk


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