Sunday , January 21 2018
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About Sundays Are For Football

Sundays Are For Football is a long time NFL Fantasy Football domain that records, produces, and publishes fantasy football content all year round. While SAFF (Sundays Are For Football shortened) is focused on fantasy football, player rankings and more, it always wishes to provide highly accurate and above all quality content for its followers and subscribers with fun and entertaining assets.

The site debuted in mid-2013 and has kept a quiet community footprint since. There was no niche to fill in an already booming fantasy football industry, but just the will and passion for producing opinionated, fun, entertaining content.

The podcast itself has gone through many revisions as previously labeled as the ListenIn Podcast Network but outgrew itself to quickly to properly maintain. Now the SAFF Podcast Network since 2016, our shows are to be dedicated to the brand itself with affiliations.